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June 2, 2012

This is,definitely, from the ‘THIS SUCKS DEPARTMENT. Because of a SECONDARY author the site that I began with has been severely compromised. Therefore there are no previous blog postings to be had here. ( SEE below.) The best way that I could call attention to how I feel about this is in the name that HAD to step up to the audacity of trust being quite thoroughly eviscerated due to childishnesses… not my own so much, but in the culprit’s snivelishness.

Yes, there will be a NEVER-MOOR to another ‘cawl’, may a flying Elephant target thy path so carefully sculpted of with copious amounts of “worm casings”.
At that I’ve had enough of this rancid dish of “RANT-AU-TOUIE”. I refuse to continue to “dine” with cannibals.

If the NINE,(!?!), people that cobbled OMEGETYMON into the Google search window care to “jot” the group of letters that contain the previous “tripe” you can get there with these, (The acrimonious “blessing” to…),GHAUCHER.When you’ve gone through all the rules of spelling you’ll find a very ‘CARLIN-ESQUE’ new “one -of-SEVEN to play with. AND, THANK YOU to the NINE that sought that “maybe he’s finally written something worthy”.

SO, for all the “why-eye-oughta'” that’s been running through my mush to date I’ll leave this with a sign “off” name that I haven’t used for some time…


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  1. Good for you; glad you’re continuing to write!

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